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Roadtrip with group to Gordon conference on CAZymes!

Road trip with several group students headed out to the Gordon Research Conference on ‘Carbohydrate-Active Enzymes for Glycan Conversions’! This years theme is CAZymes for Environmental Sustainability and Human Health. See tweet link to see pics from this conference trip. 

  • Antonio DeChellis will present a poster on computational design & characterization of supercharged cellulases for more efficient conversion of lignocellulose to sugars for biofuels production. Contributions from Bhargava Nemmaru & Deanne Sammond.
  • Dharanidaran Jayachandran will present a poster on novel protein probe design to enable real-imaging of cellulose synthesis & fibril assembly by plant protoplasts into cell walls. Contributions from Hyun Huh, Eric Lam, and Sang-Hyuk Lee.
  • Mohit Kumar and SriVidya Tallavajhula will present a poster on glycosynthase engineering and characterization to enable bespoke human milk oligosaccharides synthesis. Contributions from Tucker Burgin and Chandra Bandi.
  • I will present an invited talk at the GRC session ‘Visualizing CAZyme-Substrate Interactions’ highlighting key advances being made by our group on visualizing cellulose biosynthesis, assembly, & degradation. Contributions from Lee & Lam Labs at Rutgers, & Lang Lab at Vanderbilt.

We have several exciting papers lined up for submission based on work presented at this meeting in the coming year. 

Special thanks to GRC meeting chairs for the kind invitation to the present at the meeting this year. Also, thanks to all sponsors for support. Looking forward to engaging with the Gordon Conference on CAZymes/Glycans community after 4 years!