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Our group is actively seeking enthusiastic post-graduate, graduate and undergraduate students (enrolled at Rutgers University) who are passionate about solving challenging multi-disciplinary problems in the areas of bioenergy, biopolymers, biophysics, and biochemical engineering. More details regarding his group’s current research interests can be found here, while relevant publications can be found here. Prospective students should be interested and able to develop expertise in a broad range of disciplines spanning chemistry, biology, physics, and mathematics. In particular, we have multiple new projects kickstarting in 2024 in the area of waste upcycling for diverse feedstocks (including carbon dioxide, terrestrial and marine biomass) and we are looking to hire multiple undergraduate/graduate students, and possibly a postdoc as well.

Graduate (PhD Dissertation & MS Thesis) Position Openings: Dr. Chundawat is seeking applications from qualified individuals to join his research group as doctoral and masters students in academic years 2023-2024 and 2024-2025. Interested candidates should apply to the CBE graduate program and reach out to him with a copy of your CV as well as a list of potential projects of interest. All active projects are listed on the research webpage.

Undergraduate Position Openings: Undergraduate students interested in taking course 155:491/492 (Special Problems Research in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering) under Dr. Chundawat’s guidance should review his research interests before contacting him. Undergraduate students should be typically willing to spend between 6-10 hours per week (depending on the type of position) in the lab during the Fall/Spring semesters. Please email your CV and a brief statement of research interests/motivations/past experiences if you are interested to join the group. If you are currently not enrolled at Rutgers University but are keenly interested in an internship, please feel free to contact Dr. Chundawat as well. Undergraduate students are also encouraged to apply to work in the Chundawat group and apply via the ARESTY, LSAMP, GS-LAMP, and Project SUPER recruitment programs at Rutgers.

Postdoc Position Openings: We are seeking applications from qualified individuals for the position of Postdoctoral Associate (PDA) to work on a new project tentatively starting in Fall 2024 (or till the position is filled). The focus of this PDA project is on enzyme/protein design, engineering, and evolution for waste upcycling. Contact Dr. Chundawat via email for details for consideration of your application.

Other Visiting Scholar Position Openings: Pre-/Post-doctoral researchers and all other visiting scholars are encouraged to email their CV, a brief statement describing previous research/key skills, and contact information of three references. Though these positions are subject to the availability of research funds, candidates with external funding sources offer greater flexibility with their appointments for visiting scholar positions.