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Principal Investigator

Doctoral Students

Antonio De Chellis

“Enzyme Engineering for Waste Polymers Upcycling to Value-Added Bioproducts

Mohit Kumar

Engineering glycosynthase enzymes for synthesis of bespoke human-milk oligosaccharides

Markus Hackl

Single-molecule acoustic force spectroscopy enabled protein engineering

Dharanidaran Jayachandran

Engineering polysaccharides synthase enzyme complexes and their single-molecule characterization for improved transgenic bioenergy crops

Aron Gyorgypal

Real-time characterization of N-linked protein glycosylation to enable continuous upstream biomanufacturing of monoclonal antibodies

Postdoctoral Research Associates

Dr. Chandra Kanth Bandi

Engineering CAZymes for glycans synthesis

Visiting Scholars and Faculty

Profile photo of George John

Prof. George John

Professor, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry (The City College of New York)